Bizonex OÜ is a legal entity, registered under the laws of the Republic of Estonia under registration number 14381075 and based in Tallinn, Estonia. According to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, RT I, 17.11.2017, 2), Bizonex OÜ is a financial institution regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Republic of Estonia. Bizonex OÜ has had an updated virtual currency service provider's licence, No. FVT000183, since 30.09.2020 (https://mtr.mkm.ee/juriidiline_isik/217346?backurl=%2Fjuriidiline_isik)issued by the FIU. The above-mentioned licence enables Bizonex OÜ to offer the following services:
      - Exchanges of virtual currency against a fiat currency and fiat currency against a virtual currency;
      - Exchanges of virtual currency against another virtual currency;
      - Provision of a virtual currency wallet service.

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